Al DickmanMy book is dedicated to my beloved Mother.
She inspired me with tales of leg eating crocodiles
who lived behind the couch.

About the author

My children (all in their 30’s now) grew up with stories from Roald Dahl. In my view the man was a genius. He understood children and created characters that you’ll remember for ever.

I love the language he used, in the book ‘Georges marvellous medicine’ he describes George’s Grandmother as having a ‘puckered up mouth like a dog’s bottom’.

Politically correct? Not a chance but funny and thought provoking, absolutely.

He inspired me to create my own stories and sadly it’s taken me 25 years to put them on paper. I wrote a fan letter to him once to thank him for writing ‘The Twits’ a story that almost made me wet myself. His response was to write back and tell me that he valued my letter.

I treasure this and can only hope that my story about Bacon & Eggs has an effect on just one child.

Just in case people think my story is a vegetarian campaign to turn children off eating meat, I want to say that I hope this story makes people think about the consequences of eating animals. As a kid I worked on a dairy farm and to this day I am scarred by the experience. In my view we are too removed from the process of killing animals for food and this makes us blasé about the cruelty involved.

Having said that I still eat meat, its just that I believe we should treat animals with compassion.

I would be delighted to visit schools to read this story, if you are in New Zealand and would like to arrange a visit, please email me at: