Available as a softback book and Kindle


The Adventures of Bacon & Eggs is a story about compassion, friendship, courage, and loyalty.

It features a disgustingly smelly man, a farmer who hates everything, especially children (he calls them maggots) in fact the only thing he loves is eating bacon and eggs. Which is why on his farm he keeps pigs and chickens. One day an especially clever pig makes a horrifying discovery. Along with a brave chicken they rescue their friends and teach the beastly farmer a terrible lesson.

Who is this book for? It’s a difficult question because for some this story is a little ‘dark’. My children grew up listening to stories from Roald Dahl and so I feel most children from the age of 6 to 10 will enjoy the Adventures of Bacon & Eggs. There is a chance that if your child is particularly sensitive, there are aspects of this story that could be frightening. To be sure why not download the sample pages to ensure you are happy with the book before you buy?

Without ruining the story, I will say there is a happy ending. (At least for the animals).